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Working from office under the new normal

Basic Operational Rules for office safety

We all have to adapt the 'new normal' office code. Here are basic operational rules for office safety if you intend to or have started office.


1. Multiple Posters in offices be put for safety and hygiene as top priority and must include instructions for regular hand sanitization, wearing masks, not touching face, etc.


2. Office must be sanitized multiple times a day and a deep sanitization of office premises should be done every weekend.


3. Employees who can work from home must be encouraged to work from home only. Employees to attend office only if necessary, else work from home must be encouraged.


4. Ensure distance between employees is at least 6 feet from each other.


5. Even in office meetings should be on Zoom/ Google Duo/ FB Messenger/ other apps and from their individual work stations. In case a conference room is necessary, ensure 6 feet distance and as less persons possible.


6. Cancel standard Lunch breaks, schedule for lunch and breaks to be staggered to avoid gatherings


7. Schedule employees work hours in shifts/alternate days if possible. Try keep work hours at least 30 mins apart if possible for persons in same department.


8. Encourage employees to wash hands and self sanitize their workspace multiple times a day.


9. Encourage use of staircase. In case of lift use, ensure safe distancing and safe touch operation.


10. Office visitors to be scheduled and entry must be permitted only to essential visitors with prior appointment only.


11. For employees dependent on public transport, encourage social distancing and proper sanitization before starting work in office. If possible try provide employees reimbursement on app based cab services.


12. Masks should be must for all employees, also suggest use of face shield screens for employees that require regular movement in office.


13. Hand sanitizers to be made available at every individual workstation.


14. Thermal screening mandatory for all staff before starting work. Also remove touch based attendance systems if any.


15. All workplaces to keep a list of Covid-19 Centers and hospitals nearby.


16. Use of Aarogya Setu app to be encouraged.

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