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What to do when your home suddenly becomes your office

Tips for working from home

Working from home all of a sudden can be major adjustment. Here are some tips to make it work.


1. Set up your workspace. Find an area in your home that's conducive to working, whether it's a desk or the couch. Just make sure it allows you to stay focused. Use visual cues to designate your work space. Create a designated area as your work zone and use it consistently. Help your kids build the association that when you’re sitting there, you are working and should not be disturbed. Curate your work-from-home playlist. Create a fun lineup of songs if listening to music while working is your jam. Share it with your colleagues too to share the vibe. Having a space in the house purely for work can help you get into the right mindset. Working in leisure spaces like the bedroom or the couch can hamper productivity because the brain associates it with sleep or rest.


2. It is very important to stick to your routine. Get ready like you’re going to the office. Stick to your regular work hours. Wake up early, take a shower, have breakfast or a cup of coffee. This helps prepare your mind and body for a productive day of working. Help kids create a routine and add structure to their day. Work with your kids to create their daily or weekly schedule. Give them opportunities to choose some of their own activities and help them be more independent. Start and end work on time to establish the boundary between work life and home life.


3. Have a to-do list. Before you start, list down your priorities for the day. Set pockets of time to complete your tasks and make sure you stick to your schedule. Set realistic expectations of what you can accomplish. Set and manage expectations early on with your team and managers. Figure out your working hours, when you’ll be most available and how much you can get done. Use productivity apps. Focus on your tasks and manage your distractions well.


4. Communicate. Check-in with your boss and colleagues from time to time. Update them on your schedule and deliverables, especially if there are any changes. If you think there will be distractions or interruptions to your calls or even your workday, let your team know! they are there for you and are willing to help! In the absence of face-to-face interactions, it’s important everyone’s across on company decisions and to-do’s. Continue conversations and encourage usual feedback and discussion through email, instant messaging, and your company’s assigned meeting app. Remember, everyone works differently. For some, working from home is a huge adjustment. Empathize with your colleagues and be patient as everyone settles in.


5. Take breaks. Take breaks too when it’s indeed break time. Stretch, grab a snack, and enjoy the brief time of doing nothing. The key is balance. Give yourself enough time during the day to walk away from your computer screen and phone. Move around, take a step back, and don't forget to clock out at the end of your shift.


6. Align work schedules with your family. Working from home all of a sudden can be major adjustment. Coordinate with your partner, children, or roommate on work schedules and designate chores equally. Reach out for help or resources. These are extraordinary times and we must all come together (virtually) to help each other out.


Reach out to our in-house coach and director - Ben if you need any help.

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