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    We offer assurance of safe and timely deliveries, flexibility with tailor-made solutions, accessibility for advice on trade and tariff, goodwill & competence with over 30 years of experience with one aim of providing true value. We assemble resources, capabilities and technology of our own organization and of other organizations to design, build, and run comprehensive supply chain solutions. Our turnover increases annually with majority of the company's business from on-going repeat business and majority of new business being generated by personal referrals from our loyal customer base.


    Bruce Logistics Private Limited was incorporated in 2011 with its goodwill, competence and experience gained over last 30 years of valued nurturing by various family oriented and multinational corporations. Today, our next-gen team, are proud to be recognized as pioneers in the industry with our 'Out-of-the-Box' thinking that has lead us to our success. We are future oriented, medium sized, family owned company with over 30 years tradition and proven sound financial stability. We are Self-financed, independent, debt free company with no external financial involvement. We maintain strict adherence to regulatory compliance.


    We are independent, singularly accountable, non-asset based integrator of your supply and demand chains. By remaining a non asset owning buyer of services, we have no overhead costs to cover. This enables us to provide the most competitive be-spoke service, through our network of service providers. We work closely with clients to develop strategies and implement plans to add value to your international business.





    The line between disorder and order lies in logistics



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    Our local expertise in Indian Customs Broking covers clearances under all Licenses and Promotional Schemes, Consulting for Trade & Tariff, Classification & Valuation, Bonded Warehousing, Reverse Logistics, Carnet, Exhibition, High Sea Sale, Jobbing, Trans-shipments, 3rd Country Merchant trade, etc.



    Our Global expertise covers Door-2-Door Airfreight & Oceanfreight services, Express Air Cargo (Time Definite), Hazardous Cargo (HAZ), Special equipment (open top, flat-rack, reefers), Project Cargo, Merchant Trade, Charters, Reverse Logistics, Car-net and Exhibition.



    We provide complete supply chain management for companies who do not want to engage efforts on distribution in India. Our services embrace all your trade and logistic requirements including Licensing, Customs, Freight, Warehousing, Distribution, Insurance, Invoice Management, Supply Chain Engineering, etc.

    If you need a partner for cost savings, higher customer delight and add value to your service delivery, we expedite for you. Our Local expertise in Customs Broking and Global expertise in Freight Forwarding de-stress your imports. We facilitate your trade.


    Our knowledge of transport, versatility and diversity of range of services offered, make us an ideal partner to support International Trading. Customs Broking is vital to a profitable import/export program. Our logistic services embrace the entire transportation chain from loading to discharging of goods.


    We are not carriers, but organizers of multiple carriages.

    Transport chains are normally complex and require logistical plans.

    that makes us your 'Logistic Service Suppliers'


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    Legal Metrology Compliance is now an integrated part of Imports in lines with government initiatives towards consumer protection and rights. Importer of Packaged Retail Commodities require mandatory registration along with mandatory declarations on packages. We assist our clients in registration as well as industry specific labeling compliance.



    Trade Marks provide legal protection for both businesses and consumers, making trade marks an important part of running a successful company and as an effective communication tool to make it easy for customers to find you. Trade Marks are valuable assets that never expire.



    We advocate our clients backed by profound knowledge, synergy and over 30 years of experience for Customs, Legal Metrology, Trade Marks, FSSAI, CDSCO, WPC, BIS & EPR. Customs advocacy extend to adjudications, valuations, protests, refunds and matters related to SIIB, SVB, DRI, etc.



    Your business has its own unique supply chain needs and constraints. If you are looking to add value to your service delivery, we expedite it for you through tailor-made solutions covering Licensing, Customs Broking, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing & Distribution, Forex and Government liaisons.

    If you need a partner who can understand, represent, protect and improvise your business, we effectuate for you. Our one-stop solutions cover Advocacy, Trade, Supply Chain, Legal Metrology, Trade Mark, BIS & EPR, FSSAI, CDSCO, WPC, Start-ups, etc.


    We facilitate your trade. There can be artificial barriers that delay goods and increase costs which can be removed by managing the documentary requirements and thereby speeding the movement of goods, eliminating wasted time and hence driving. With mounting security requirements, new regulations and border security compliance, our international trade law specialty ensure there is no interruption in the execution of your supply chain activities.


    Our one-desk consulting facilitates your International trade.

    We assist in successfully addressing all trade, tariff, regulatory, licensing, clearances and liaison with related government agencies.



    COSMETIC IMPORTS / CDSCO The unglamorous part of cosmetics distributing are Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) and Legal Metrology regulations, Customs Broking, expectations and guidelines; and that’s where we step in for you. We ensure entry of Cosmetic Brands in India are hurdle-free, scheduled, effective and economical. Our team of dedicated experts ensure efficient documentation for fast processing of applications and enabling Brands to strategize India foray within timelines.


    ELECTRONICS AND IT IMPORTS / BIS AND EPR Electronics and Information Technology industry has rapid advancements in technology as well as regulatory compliance. Importing Electronics and Information Technology (IT) products without Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) registration is now prohibited in India and to help address the growing problem of e-waste, Government has made Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) registration mandatory. Our technical experts ensure your BIS and EPR registration is seamless and compliant.


    WIRELESS IMPORTS / WPC Wireless is the hotspot of telecom and the future is wireless. We have embraced this revolution with a team and service product dedicated to wireless technology import in India. We ensure Equipment Type Approval (ETA) and Import Licenses from The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Ministry of Communication are in place within swift timelines.


    FOOD IMPORTS/ FSSAI We are your partners for Import of Food Products in India. From registration with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), expectations and guidelines, Labelling Compliance, Legal Metrology compliance, FSSAI customs clearance at time of Import, etc; we ensure your import of food products are hurdle-free, scheduled, effective and economical.

    If you need a partner to work closely with you and understand your needs and constraints; be it regulatory compliance, imports, supply chain management or financials, we provide for you. You focus on your competencies, we manage your regulatory and supply chain concerns.


    Focus on your core competencies and leave the rest on us. The dynamics are simple, we understand international trade, customs and regulatory challenges, your logistical challenges, that you need to keep costs and your engagement to a minimum. We take care of moving your purchase from supplier’s warehouse to customers' and everything in between. We offer services considering a 360 degree view, which is not focused on our ability to implement using our resources, but on all the options available in the market such that all parties involved will strive to provide exemplary levels of service and commitment to your business.




    A plan is the transport medium which conveys a person from the station of dreams to the destination of success.

    Goals are the transport fees




    We work closely with clients to develop strategies and implement plans to add value to your International business.



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